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Published on Thursday, 09 September 2010 14:44
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Weight Loss Surgery

Most plastic surgery procedures fall under two categories the first being plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons and the second being plastic surgery for health reasons. Though many people undergo small plastic surgery procedures to reduce wrinkles or the size of their nose there is a type of surgery that is intended to make the person as a whole smaller. Weight loss surgery is a common practice for improving the health of people who are severely overweight or obese.

Obesity is a disease that a growing number of people have. Eating too much food has caused some people to gain great amounts of body weight that it is difficult to lose by diet or exercise alone. Though losing weight is usually for cosmetic reasons some obese people really need to lose these extreme amounts of weight because it is a threat to their health and their life.

There are different types of surgery that can help an obese person to lose weight including the gastric balloon and gastric bypass procedures.  Other patients can lose large amounts of weight through various diet regimes.  Whilst losing weight undoubtedly has significant health benefits, patient are often not well informed as to how their bodies will look once the weight has been lost.  The skin is often significantly stretched by obesity and following weight loss, it is unable to recoil back to its original shape.  This can leave large, unsightly folds of skin in the abdomen, thighs, breast and arms.  It can be difficult to wear clothes and it is often unhygienic in the folds of skin leading to sweat rashes and infections.  No amount of dieting or exercise will remove the skin and the only remedy is surgery.  Post bariatric surgery is increasing in this country and brings with it huge physical and psychological benefits to patients, who are often disappointed that their weight loss has not left them looking as they would have hoped.