scar treatment

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Published on Thursday, 09 September 2010 14:44
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Scar Treatment

People may have scars for a variety of reasons.  The reason why you have received your scar may affect the treatment process.  For instance, acne scars are treated differently to a burn scar.  Most scars will improve as they mature and there should be no attempt at scar revision until at least a year has passed.  During this time, moisturising and massage can help redness to fade and firmness to soften.   Surgery to improve scars can be performed if the scar is tethered or puckered, or if it lies in an unfavourable position, such as across the cheek or crossing a joint.

Abnormal scarring such as keloid or hypertrophic scars are often unsightly and lumpy.  They are more common in certain skin types, such as Afro-Caribbean and following delayed healing or infection.  Theses scars may be itchy and they are a variety of treatments aimed at making them more comfortable and improving the cosmetic appearance of the scars.

It is important to know that what you are also putting in your body affects your skins healing process as well. So you should be drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and eating a healthy diet including fresh fruit and vegetables.  Smoking will contribute to poor skin quality and should be avoided, especially if you are considering having any surgery.