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VIP Cosmetic Surgery offered by the Experienced Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons at the

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VIP Cosmetic Surgery Halesowen provides over 25 years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic surgery in Birmingham and West Midlands.


VIP Cosmetic Surgery is proud to be the established provider of Cosmetic Surgery  and Non-Surgical treatments at Halesowen, at the reputed local private hospital whose surgeons are accredited in Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery by the General Medical Council and are members of BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons).

We offer a wide range of specialist cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Your Cosmetic Surgeons are Consultants at the local NHS Hospitals within West Midlands. VIP Cosmetic Surgery Halesowen and Birmingham operates in state of the art facilities, striving to achieve an excellent outcome with the patient's welfare and patient's care at the heart of its core values.


When considering Cosmetic and Plastic surgery, finding an appropriate Cosmetic Surgeon and the cosmetic surgery provider in Birmingham is an important decision you make. At the VIP Cosmetic Surgery, it is the specialist surgeons themselves who will see you and provide expert advice during your initial consultation and look after you throughout the journey. VIP Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon is supported by a well trained group of supporting staff including Cosmetic Surgery Nurse specialist, Resident Doctor, inpatient Nursing team and a friendly enquiry co-ordinator. At the West Midlands Hospital Halesowen, you will be given a VIP care with expert service.

Our Consultants are experts in

  • Plastic surgery of the face including Rhinoplaty, Face lift, Eye lid bag removal, Brow Lift and Fat transfer to face
  • Breast cosmetic surgery including Breast Augmentation, Breast Uplift or Breast Reduction or correction of asymmetry
  • Body contouring surgery including Tummy tuck and liposuction
  • Non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers or Botox
  • Post Weight Loss Surgery after Lap Band or massive Weight reduction

All our surgeons have spent more than 15 years of surgical training after completing medical school in one of the most competitive specialities of plastic surgery. The levels of expertise and clinical standards at the West Midlands Hospital are simply unrivalled. We offer a tailored and customisable approach to your care when you need multiple procedures including whole body rejuvenation.

Whether you are considering breast surgery or Botox in Birmmingham, VIP offers a tailored individualised care to suit each individual’s requirements. We will provide professional assessment based on your needs, body type and medical history and appropriately advice you on the right procedure suitable for you.

Non Surgical treatment

We offer wrinkle reducing injections and fillers to rejuvenate the face


The aftercare is extremely important when considering a surgical intervention and you should make sure that measures are in place to take care of you if you need help in the postoperative period.  We only operate from local private hospitals and will never be far away for help and reassurance at any stage of your postoperative care. Our surgeons have commitment at the local NHS hospital and at the West Midlands Hospital in offering high quality cosmetic Surgery service.

Why not check out the services offered by the professionals of VIP today while it is fresh in your mind? Just getting your questions answered by a professional will make your surgery stress free and that makes the healing process go so much smoother. Please click one of the buttons at the top.



Cosmetic Surgery in Halesowen

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