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What Are The Main Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures?

Gone are the days when beauty is regarded as something purely natural and never to be aided by modern science and technology. Beauty now comes with a price and practically so. There is no denying that staying beautiful would cost and there would be some cosmetic, whether surgical or non surgical, procedures involved. Although there are brave souls out there who will not hesitate to put themselves under the knife and undergo surgical procedures, there is still a greater majority who prefer non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatments. A cosmetic surgery clinic may offer both surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures and treatments. Just be sure to inquire with a dermatologist or surgeon to be certain as to what procedures will fit your needs or medical condition.

One of the main non-surgical cosmetic procedures is the Botox. This treatment makes use of botulism toxin which is known to smooth fine lines in the face. Recommended for women who are experiencing the aftermaths of premature aging, Botox only entails a simple injection of the toxin. The effects are almost immediately noticeable. The toxin will smooth over the wrinkles on the areas of the forehead and between the eyes. A lot of women undergo Botox treatments on a regular basis as it is known for its safety and effectiveness. Other non surgical options similar to Botox are the Threadlift and Thermage.

When it comes to other body parts, Cellulite Removal is another non surgical treatment. LipoDissolve is a prime example of a cellulite removal injection. It contains a high concentration of active ingredients that dissolve the fat in problem areas. Of course, depending on the case, the physician may recommend a specific number of injections. There would be likely more than one session in order for all the cellulite to be removed. A similar procedure, the VelaSmooth, is also a non surgical cellulite treatment that is relatively more advanced and quicker than the LipoDissolve. However, there could be a little pain that will accompany the VelaSmooth treatment. Both LipoDissolve and VelaSmooth are quickly becoming in demand in the field of non surgical treatments for cellulite problems.

Probably topping the list of the main non-surgical cosmetic procedures is the laser hair removal. This procedure removes practically all the hair in virtually every part of your body. If you want your legs, arms, bikini area, underarms, chest, upper lip, or whatever other hairy body part to be hairless, then the laser removal treatment would be your best option. The procedure is simple. Numbing cream is applied on the area and then laser light is directed and unwanted hair is heated and the scar tissue is thereby blocked, ensuring that hair growth is no longer possible.

All these main non surgical cosmetic procedures are offered in leading your nearest cosmetic surgery clinic. The procedures and recommendations will, of course, vary along with the prices.

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