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Common Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

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Published on Tuesday, 08 March 2011 00:00
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Plastic surgery is not just for women anymore. There has been approximately a 51% increase in the number of men having cosmetic surgery procedures performed every year. Men are feeling the pressure to look younger and the stigma of cosmetic surgery is lifting. There is no longer any shame connected with wanting to look your best and with all of the advances over the years the options are not only greater, they are safer and more available to all. Cosmetic surgery is not for the rich and famous anymore.

Most Common Surgeries

Today it is not uncommon for a man to have a rhinoplasty to enhance or repair the nose. Commonly called a “nose job” a rhinoplasty can reshape or reduce the size of the nose. It is also used to restore or repair function of the nose and assure proper breathing. A simple procedure such as a rhinoplasty can alter the angle and appearance of the nose and lips.

The use of chin implants to give that chiselled look is becoming more ordinary. There has also been the development of pectoral and bicep implants similar to breast implants to take over where the gym leaves off.

Liposuction has also become much more popular among men. While all basic procedure are available, men seem to target specific areas such as under the chin. In this procedure a minimal incision is made and the fat is extracted. This results in the removal of the double chin and gives a much tighter and younger appearance.

Of course, not all surgical procedures are for cosmetic purposes alone. There is a disorder known as gyneconastia, where males develop breast tissue. This usually occurs in teenagers and can often resolve itself or be eliminated through treatment but when this does not succeed a type of breast reduction could be the best solution.

This is only basic information regarding a few of the most common plastic surgery procedures gaining popularity among men. As we see the increasing popularity of procedures among men we will also see more specifically targeted operations as well.

Men are not that different from women after all. We all want to look our best and there is nothing wrong with that. While there is nothing wrong, it is always important to use due diligence. Do the research about the procedure and the doctor involved before deciding to go forward with any procedure.

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