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Cosmetic Surgery By The Experts

Welcome to the home of VIP Cosmetic Surgery

We are proud to be one of only a few cosmetic surgery providers in the UK whose surgeons are all members of the prestigious BAAPS and BAPRAS.  We provide treatment in state of the art private hospitals and clinics, with unrivalled clinic standards and patient care.   This means that you will have peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands throughout your entire journey with us.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation (breast enlargement, augmentation mammoplasty,boob job) is one of the most widely performed cosmetic procedures and is associated with very high satisfaction rates. Enhancing the bust can have a profound effect on your confidence and self-esteem. Whilst it is not without potential complications (no surgery is), they are fortunately rare and the psychological benefits can be immense.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is associated with very high patient satisfaction rates because it delivers on several levels.  A breast reduction will not only reduce the size of the breast, but will also tighten the skin envelope and lift the breast in the same way that a mastopexy, or breast uplift will, giving a smaller and more youthful appearance.  Women with large breasts often suffer from back and neck ache with bra straps digging in - reducing the weight of the breast will often relieve the tension and help with these aches and pains.  The weight of large breasts can also cause recurrent inflammation and infections in the fold between the breast and the chest wall, known as intertrigo, and this can be eliminated following breast reduction.  Finally, there is the cost and inconvenience associated with finding a good bra in the larger sizes - it can be enormously liberating to finally be able to shop in any high street department store.

Breast Uplift

Mastopexy or breast uplift improves the shape of the breasts and gives them a more attractive and youthful appearance.  Breast tissue, like all tissues in the body, is subject to the forces of gravity.  This can be undesirable and create a droopy appearance known as breast ptosis.  Breast ptosis is part of the normal ageing process, but can be exacerbated if the skin of the breast is stretched, for example, after breast feeding or following weight loss.

Male Breast Reduction

Gynaecomastia, or excessive breast growth in males (also known as man boobs or moobs), can be due to a number of causes. Hormonal imbalance is a major cause commonly due to the onset of puberty or rarely, a hormone-secreting tumour (eg. pituitary or testicular tumour).  Some men are treated for conditions such as prostate cancer or some of the complications associated with sickle-cell disease, with hormonal therapy and one of the side-effects of these treatments may be gynaecomastia.  Certain drugs may cause gynaecomastia such as marijuana or steroids, but the most common cause is idiopathic.  This means that no cause is found.

Removal of Skin Lesions

VIP plastic surgeons accept referrals from your GP, dermatologist or directly.  They can remove unsightly or worrying moles, cysts and lipomas from all parts of the body.  Xanthelasma are deposits of cholesterol that occur on the upper and lower eyelid.  You should ask your GP to check your cholesterol levels, as it may be elevated.  They can be very obvious and are usually very easy to remove under local anaesthetic with minimal scarring.